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Hello, my name is Elliott, I’m from St-Malo in Brittany.
Let me tell you a bit about me and what I have ben doing the last 2 years : I study philosophy online, I do video-making, I have a musical travelling project called « Serr Noz » and I have been Wwoofing in Europe; Czech Republic, Poland, Scotland, England, Portugal, Italy, learning about seeding, planting, woodworking, building, and many things related to organic agriculture, ecology and sustainability.


In spring I’ve done a Permaculture Design Course certificate at Terra Alta, a community in Portugal. It is there that ; extremely conscious of the global ecological crisis getting worst & worst and aware of all the skills I was gaining ; I decided to apply right now what I have learned, locally, at my scale, in order to start making a change. 



With my family we have decided to bring life again to a 500m2 piece of land which is just next to our family house, in front of a beautiful estuary called La Rance. I have actually planted the first tree of my life in that field with my grand-father, an oak tree which is quite tall now. It is a place that means a lot to all of us in my family.



We want to plant fruit and nut trees, for food but also to make a bit of shade to keep the moist in the soil and therefore counter the hit waves we are surely gonna face. We are going to implement ponds to retain water, attract pollynisaters and different species. We are going to use different techniques like the Hugelkultur which uses pieces of wood like sponges to harvest water under the plants. A keyhole garden : to directly use the compost in the soil instead of loosing space and time doing huge compost piles. We are going to do companion planting. spiral of herbs, implement mushroom webs in the soil and many other things.



In the long term, once the harmony between plants is settling, the goal would also be to organise visits in the field with kids from local schools to share about nature, permaculture, wildlife and solutions, with them.


You can follow us, we are going to share the process on Facebook / Instagram and YouTube, so subscribe to our pages and channel, the name is :


Thanks to everyone I have met through my travels who allowed me to grow and learn many things which led me to this wonderful and exciting moment.